general linguistics • psycholinguistics • historical linguistics • corpus linguistics • standards of empirical research • data annotations • statistic analysis • mixed models • tools for spoken and sign languages • geo-localized data • eye tracking • syntactic annotations • QUD annotations

Liŋ'G (Linguistics in Göttingen) and the research training group Form-Meaning Mismatches organize a Summer School on core areas of empirical research in linguistics, corpus annotations, and data analysis. Special emphasis is given to practical experience in the use of analytical and technical tools.

announced in LINGUIST List 33.1322, Wed Apr 13 2022.

event description

Building corpora and using corpus data is a core skill, whether the goal is to analyze historical change or diatopic and other kinds of synchronic variation. The lecturers at this summer school introduce a range of cutting-edge techniques and methodologies to help students deal with previously constructed corpora and, crucially, to enable them to build their own. Issues such as the semi-automatic annotation of POS and syntactic structures, the annotation of information structure using the QUD-tree framework, and the BERT machine-learning technique for NLP are covered. Moreover, data types of emerging importance such as sign language and geolocal variation from social-media will be discussed.

Once corpora and other data collections are assembled, data analysis can begin. The summer school will provide students with foundational knowledge in using statistical tests to analyze data from linguistic experiments and corpus studies. Central statistical tools such as R, RStudio and tidyverse will be introduced, providing the groundwork for understanding statistical modeling, with an emphasis on the linear model framework. Other core issues will be the visualization of linguistic data and the core dynamics of eye-tracking methodology.
See Program and Course Descriptions for more details.


The courses of this summer school are addressed to master students and PhD students of linguistics. Students interested in participating are kindly requested to apply with the following procedure:


We kindly ask you to send us a short application to ling.summerschool.2022[guess!] containing:

  • a short CV (max 1 page) detailing your specialization within your linguistic studies and
  • an abstract of 300 words summarizing a research talk or a poster presentation that you would be willing to present during the workshop of the summer school (to take place on 23-24.09, "Corpus annotation and data analysis"). Advanced students (e.g., PhD students) can offer a presentation of their ongoing research or their current results. Students that do not yet have results are invited to give a poster presentation on a topic of interest that is related to the title of this workshop and may summarize the research that they envisage to do for their MA or PhD thesis.


Participants of the summer school will receive a certificate of attendance, including credits (9C) that will be awarded upon a poster presentation or talk in the workshop event.


  • Deadline for applications: June 30, 2022.
  • Notification of acceptance: June 20, 2022.

This summer school does not provide funding for the participants (trip, accommodation, etc.). Applicants needing to apply for funding in their universities or other institutions may send an application before April, 30, 2022. These applications will be processed with priority in short time.

tuition fees

Participation to courses, workshops and scientific activities of the summer school is free. Costs for social events and dinners are covered by the participants on own expences.



Stefanie Dipper
Ruhr-University Bochum
Olga Kellert
University of Göttingen
Kordula De Kuthy
University of Tübingen
Alexandra Lorson
University of Edinburgh
Vinicius Macuch
Leibniz-ZAS, Berlin/University of Edinburgh
So Miyagawa
National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics (NINJAL)
Marloes Oomen
University of Amsterdam
Danielle Panizza
University of Göttingen
Arndt Riester
Bielefeld University
Maik Thalmann
University of Göttingen


Marco Coniglio
UGOE German Department
Elliott Lash
UGOE Institut for Linguistics
Stavros Skopeteas
UGOE Institut for Linguistics
Thomas Weskott
UGOE German Department


Matthias Kracht
UGOE, Institute for Linguistics
Yana Strakatova
UGOE, RTG Form-Meaning Mismatches

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