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Studying linguistics

Sprachwissenschaftliches Seminar, University of Göttingen

Automatic translation is not yet perfect but very nicely illustrates the power of applications based on current linguistic knowledge.


Everything starts with observing that the world around us varies: people use different words to convey different meanings, expressions with the same content have different form in different languages, use of language varies in different conversations. This is not yet linguistics, but enough reason for linguistics, that is the science of language. Linguistics is ...

The present project was inspired by discussions with the student group in winter term 2020/2021 and is an joint enterprise of the creative people who decided to study linguistics in Göttingen and contribute with their ideas to our programmes. This project is realized with the funds of the Philosophical Faculty at the University of Göttingen for supporting the quality of programmes of study.


The goal of this plattform is to provide support at the various stages of the linguistics circle:

About Linguistics



what is linguistics, what can we learn about the nature of language, its role in communication, the world's languages, language and cognition.




concepts of the scientific jargon or basic concepts of grammar which you may not remember from school but do not want to ask - thinking that your lecturers take them for granted.




techniques for creating a study, conducting a data collection, designing an oral presentation, outlining the findings in a poster, submitting an abstract, writing a scientific paper.




what do people with a qualification in linguistics do in life? Perspectives, possibilities, ideas, experiences about life after studying linguistics, in the academia and in the world.



Fernando García Mendívil
Anna Pessarrodona Marfà


Lars Ahrens
Florian Fischer
Fernando García Mendívil
Talvikki Teresa Kosonen
Anna Pessarrodona Marfà
Alina Sementsova
Paulien Veenstra


Georg Höhn
Götz Keydana
Matthias Kracht
Stavros Skopeteas


Grateful thanks are due to Louis Falkenstein, Florian Fischer, Nermin Gürkan, Jan Kraaz, Jacqueline Krebs, Paulien Veenstra, Saskia Stücker, Evelyn Ovsjannikov, Victoria Peselmann, Andrea Schröter and Joshua Estefan Osvaldo Kalempouw for their contribution to the initial conception of the present agenda.

Instructions for contributors

Interested to contribute to this project? Please contact the editors! You find guidelines, a template, and further support for creating video units below.

guidelines for contributors powerpoint template how to create video recordings

Our programmes

short profile


BA Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft

Allgemeines Studium der Sprachwissenschaft, mit Schwerpunkten in der Sprachtypologie sowie in den indogermanischen Sprachen.


MA Linguistics

jointly offered by all linguistic groups in Göttingen, linguistic theory and method, with specializations on text and discourse processing, typology, language change, sign languages.


Certificate Language documentation and analysis

short term program, offering a specialization on language documentation and focus on various languages.