Classical Maya

Genetic affiliation: Western Mayan, Cholan
Endangerment: extinct
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The following list contains basic recommendations/sources on the language at issue.


general introductions, encyclopedias, literature, writing, history, miscellaneous

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grammars, outlines of grammatical structure, grammatical sketches

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dictionaries, headword search tools, further sources of information about the lexicon

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corpora of written language, online data bases, text collections, spoken data collections

Grube, Nikolai, Christian Prager, Elisabeth Wagner, Guido Krempel, Tobias Mercer s.d. Textdatenbank und Wörterbuch des Klassischen Maya; base de datos de textos y diccionario del maya clásico. online resource.

teaching material

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Khan Academy
Lecture: "The Mysteries of the Ancient Maya Civilization and the Apogee of Art in the Americas"
A Non-technical Introduction to Maya Glyphs