Nominal domain


The units in this section will focus on major issues with respect to classifier systems:
  • the synchronic and historical variation in classifier systems in Mayan languages;
  • the need for numeral classifiers (in some Mayan languages) and its interaction with number properties (in particular the optionality of plurals);
  • the nature of classifier systems: beyond numeral classifiers, a different system, known as "noun classifiers", is found in languages of the Cuchumatanes region of Guatemala, where it coexists with a limited system of numeral classifiers. It is a much rarer system around the languages of the world and offers an interesting system of categorization reflecting many aspects of the local cultures.


Barbara Blaha Pfeiler

CEPHSIS, Merida, Mexico

Colette Grinevald (Craig)

CNRS Lyon, DDL, France

Danny Law

University of Texas, Austin, USA

Carol-Rose Little

University of Oklahoma, USA

Stavros Skopeteas

University of Göttingen, Germany

Roberto Zavala Maldonado

CIESAS, Unidad Regional Surueste, Mexico


The acquisition of numeral classifiers in Yucatec Maya
by Barbara Blaha Pfeiler



primary role of input in acquisition, early child speech, inanimate numeral classifier, unicity, demonstrative function, acquisition of plural suffix


The Jakaltek Popti'
noun classifiers

by Colette Grinevald (Craig)



system of noun classifiers, history of accounts, categorizations and cultural value, numeral vs noun classifiers, cross-linguistic issues and evolution


The history of numeral classifiers in Mayan
by Danny Law



numeral classifiers, generic classifiers, constituency, mensurative/sortal, positional roots, variation between Mayan, borrowing and spread


Numerals and classifiers
in Mayan languages

by Carol Rose Little



numeral classifiers in the world's languages, function of classifiers, Ch'ol numeral classifiers, Chuj numeral and noun classifiers, specificity effects


Mayan classificatory systems
by Roberto Zavala Maldonado


DOI: doi/10.5281/zenodo.10475924

numeral/noun/genitive classifiers and noun classes in Mayan, classifiers and number, multiple classifiers, general classifier, origin and development


Variation and Reanalysis
by Barbara Blaha Pfeiler and Stavros Skopeteas



numeral classifiers in Yucatec Maya, generalization of classifiers, multiple classifier constructions, from mensural classifiers to measure nouns, variation in Space



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